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the european campaign playbook: the go-to source to campaigning in europe. developed by a community of professionals who, just like you, we care about Europe. ;)

you communicate Europe every day and you do it passionately

you leverage technology, in the endless search for the winning edge

you organise citizens, as a community leader, event-organiser, volunteer-manager

and you do it at an European scale



by joining a community of professionals fighting for the values of the European project



learn about cutting-edge tools, best practices, lessons learned, innovative campaigning strategies and techniques, and forecasted trends



become a leader of our community, and make it richer by sharing and collaborating with others

two things to know about us

our purpose: to write a playbook for pro-EU campaigns

what do we look for in a playbook?

  • clear, smart and actionable insights
  • written by, and for, the best professionals in the field
  • updated regularly
  • accessible to everyone

if you want to take part, then...

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our vision: to build a community of pro-EU professionals


We aim at creating a community of professionals from all fields who:

  • believe in, and fight, for our European shared values
  • run pro-EU communication campaigns
  • develop cutting-edge political and civic technology
  • innovate in their campaigns

let's have a chat

let's have a chat

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